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Sensory Tub in Pre-K


 A sensory tub or plastic tub: I'm in love with my clear sensory tub because students can see what is inside and get excited about it!  But, really any sensory tub or even plastic tub from a big box store would work. I have even made a PVC pipe stand for a plastic tub before for the backyard.

Sensory materials: Many different types of materials can be used as sensory fillers for the sensory tub.  Some easy low-cost items are dry beans, dry pasta, rocks, water, puff balls and rice.

Sensory tools: Underneath my sensory table I like to have a tub full of tools that students can use with the sensory materials. Tools I include: measuring cups, measuring spoons, cups, funnels, pinchers and ice cube trays (for sorting materials).