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Setting up preschool centers


Child sized bookshelf or tubs with books: Make sure the shelf is stable and does not pose a safety hazard.  I like the bookshelves that let the books face out.  It allows the covers of the books to attract children's attentions.

Books within different themes, genres and seasons: I love to find cheap used books at garage sales and consignment sales.  Also, you can try requesting books from former families in your program.  Some may have books that their child has out grown.  They may just happy to donate them to your classroom!

Quiet corner or nook: I like my literacy center to be in a corner or nook and to feel excluded from the hustle and bustle of the classroom.  I have found that some of my students like to go to the literacy center to get some quiet calm time.

Comfy places to sit or lay: Getting all curled up with a book is the best way, don't you agree?  Make the literacy center a relaxing place by adding kid sized chairs or beanbags.