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Pretend Play Center


These are the core materials I like to have in my Drama Center.  I change out my drama center every two weeks and create it into something new.

Dress Up Area: I have a dress up cart that is awesome for storing dress up items.  Depending on the theme of the drama center the clothing in the dress up cart changes.

Child-Sized Table and Chairs: Having child sized table and chairs are perfect for using for many of the themes I use.  You  could also use a child sized picnic table.  This table has been a 'desk' during office theme, a 'kitchen table' during our home theme and a workspace for gardening theme.

Market Stand: This is my favorite piece in the drama center.  It is so versatile!  During our airplane theme this stand becomes a ticket counter.  During our apple theme the stand becomes a check-out counter.  When we had our office theme, this was used as an office cubicle!

Kitchen: A play kitchen is conducive to some of the themes we have in our drama center, but not all.  For the majority of the themes in our room, the kitchen is not used.

Turn your Dramatic Play Center into something new!