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Quick and Easy Preschool Circle Time Games

circle time

Raise your hand if you struggle to ‘fit it all in’.

Yep, me too. I was finding that relying on small group time to fit in all the things that preschoolers need to know just wasn’t cutting it.

The problem was… since we have small group time during free play, there are many distractions. Not only do some children not want to leave their play to come to the small group table, I’ve also found that sometimes I am needed for conflict resolution.

You know, like when one child is whining to you because another will not share the blocks, all while you are trying to play a learning game with a couple of friends. Little people don’t wait well. They also don’t solve their own problems well either. They still need me to help them walk through the conflict resolution process in an appropriate way. And this is important- teaching social skills in the moment is really important.

But, while I’m taking the time to help students in the social setting, I am not fitting in all the other things.

Then it hit me-

Make those games that we love playing in small group into whole group games! Then, everyone gets to participate at once!

But, the games needed to be quick. Preschool attention spans are short. If it isn’t quick and fun- I’ll lose em! I also wanted these games to be something that they would look forward to everyday.

spring preschool games.png

It’s a win-win-

Game playing is fun. Children love fun.

Making sure you practice all those essential skills is important. Teachers love to teach.

Playing a skill-based game during circle time everyday is a win-win!

Everyday? That’s a lot of games…

Well, yes… it is. But, hey- I’ve done all the hard work already and created the games. All you have to do is print and assemble!

Introducing… Spring Circle Time Games

>>> 40 games covering 20 skills = 3 months of games

What kind of skills you ask? Here’s a list:

Colors | Shapes | Counting | Number Sense | Numeral Identification | Numeral to Quantity | Sorting & Classifying | Seriation | Patterning | Measurement | Estimation | Data Collection | Sequencing Events | Visual Discrimination | Name Identification | Letter Identification | Letter Sounds | Rhyming | Segmenting & Blending | Beginning Sounds

Each skill has two games that go along with it!

spring circle time games.png
preschool games.png
circle time games for spring.png

Want to try a couple of games for free?

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