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Developmental Milestones Checklist


Do you have a child in your care that you want to make sure is on track developmentally? Eight years ago, as a new parent I was always concerned if my first born was meeting all her milestones. 'Concerned' may be an understatement - I was borderline obsessed with making sure I was giving her the best start to life. I mean, I know how important those first years are and I was bound not to jack it up!

Lucky for me, I had just started a new position as a Parent Educator and was trained in helping parents provide experiences to help their children meet their developmental milestones. I had some really good tools in my toolbox, but even I felt the need to have a checklist --- there is something so gratifying about making a checkmark!!! Which experiences did I need to provide her with? How could I help her meet a milestone that she was struggling with? Well, first I had to see what she could do, then I would checkmark it with a highlighter.

Serious Sidenote: I do not feel that drilling children with a million questions, asking them to name objects on flashcards or demanding they sit and 'practice' skills is AT ALL appropriate. I could see what she knew just by observing, playing and talking with her.

After I knew what she knew, I could start providing her with the experiences/tools she needs. For example, if I want my child to feed herself with a spoon, then I have to provide the spoon and model how it is used. Without the spoon on the tray, she would never explore it and eventually learn to use it. If I want my child to be able to say 'more', I have to use the word over and over when the child wants more.

You may be thinking, this all seems common-sense like. It is, but being a caregiver is hard and tiring. Why not take some of the guess work out of it?! You can get this freebie by signing up to the Free Resource Library below. There are checklist for ages 0-36 months.  Enjoy!


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