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Assessments & Portfolios

  • why should i assess my preschoolers?

Assessment drives instruction.  When we know what skills children are needing more exposure to, we can create experiences, activities and opportunities for them to learn these skills in a play-based way.

  • what should i be assessing?

The early learning standards/goals in your state or the expectations your center or school district have set are what you should be assessing on.  I have simplified my state's goals in an easier to handle format in my own set of Early Learning Goals.  

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Let's be real... assessing preschoolers takes a TON of TIME

 Time that could be used to actually TEACH those missing skills.

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Pre-K Assessment and Portfolio System

>Who? Preschool Teachers of 4 or 5 year olds (a 2 and 3 year old option is in the works).

>What? A printable and digital version of simplified (aka: time saving and easier) assessment recording sheets, games and activities to use for assessing and digital and print student portfolio options (to help you show off your students' growth!).  Plus, a teacher's assessment notebook that walks you through all of it!

>When? You can start using this assessment anytime you want. No need to wait until the beginning of the year! 

>Why? Because you need easier, you need streamlined and your student's need fun and engaging assessment options.

>Where? You can find the newly updated Assessment and Portfolio system in the Lovely Commotion Resources Site Store and TpT Store.

Two Year Old Assessments & Portfolio

Three Year Old Assessments & Portfolio