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Setting up a preschool classroom

Art Center Materials

Stamps and Stamp Pads: I like provide my preschoolers with a large washable stamp pad and various stamps.  I usually try and change out the stamps depending on the theme we are learning about.

Basic Supplies: Scissors, crayons, markers and glue (bottles and sticks).

Stickers: A tub full of stickers of different shapes and themes.

Paper: Various types of paper (such as construction paper, newsprint, tagboard, copy paper).

Preschool art center ideas. What are must haves in the pre-k art center?

Paint: Washable tempra, watercolors, liquid watercolor and finger paint.

Paintbrushes: Large and small brushes and foam brushes.

Smocks: To protect clothing from messes.

Easel: For painting or drawing in a vertical position.

Stencils and rubbing plates: Provide various stencils and/or rubbing plates for students to explore.

Must have art center materials for preschool.

Aside from the common art supplies listed above, I compiled my favorite materials for my art center!  Check them out!

Paper pasting pieces: These small paper pieces are great to encourage gluing small objects.

Dot Markers: Fun, unique and mess free paint markers.

Googly Eye Stickers: No more lost eyes because they didn't stick!

Glue Brushes: Do you have children that are not yet ready for glue bottles? Try these glue brushes!

Sequins: Shiny and small sequins encourage gluing and fine motor practice.

Chubby Crayons: I like these crayons because they are for smaller hands and also they do not have a wrapper on them, so they can be used for crayon rubbings easily.

Art Center Labels

Free preschool art center labels.